June 17th, 2005


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I know this is going to set of a hailstorm of "if you don't like it then don't listen to it"'s and other arguments that are equally--irrelevant to the point, but I have a question for all of you "underoath" fans. Have any of you ever seen underoath when they were actually the original band? Or, moreover, have you even heard Act of Depression and Cries of the Past. I find it hard to believe that people can go on supporting a band that has (I know, I really shouldn't use this term because of the pandora's box it will open) sold out so hard. I mean, the passion and the intensity that was on Act of Depression; the overwhelming sadness and pure passion of Cries of the Past are the things that make those two of the best albums I ever owned. This new album they just released sounds like some heartless poppy radio bullshit. There is nothing that makes them stand out anymore. They aren't special anymore. They are the same thing as any other My Chemical Romance sounding rip-off band, and it really bothers me because of the emotional attachment I had to this band at one time.

It really saddens me to think that all of these little kids that say, "we wen't to the underOATH show last night, it was so amazing. They are so great" will never know what underoath really is. Unless you've heard underoath play the first few notes of The Last (which, by the way, still makes the hair on my arm stand on end while chills go down my spine) while crammed into the smallest room in the back of a pizza parlor, you have no idea what you are missing. Too bad that's never going to happen again. That just makes me so damn angry. And what's worse, they aren't going to play those songs anymore because they know that's not what kids want to hear (aside from the fact that the only person in the band that even knows HOW to play the songs are aaron, and possibly tim). They know that if they get up there and play stuff from Cries of the Past, all the little kids in the front row will stand there like a deer in the headlights, not knowing what hit them. They'd leave and say, "that sucked, they didn't play anything I knew." YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE YOU DON'T LISTEN TO UNDEROATH, YOU LISTEN TO A SHELL OF WHAT IT USED TO BE. The only reason they are keeping the name underoath is because it is marketable, and I really wish, for decency's sake, they would change it. Because it kills me every time a 13 year old girl comes up to me when I am wearing my underoath shirt, and tries to talk to me about "how good underOATH is".

a post to try and end it all

well, this has been bothering me, and many people on this community for a long time.

"it's time to open up the door"

well a lot of you either like new, or old underoath. but you old underoath fans seem to hate the new underoath (well, most of you do) and you say you hate the new fans, their new sound, how they sold out, etc. etc.

it's become a trend to not like new music. let's look at norma jean's new album, a lot of people don't like it because josh isn't in the band anymore, and a lot of people don't like underoath because dallas isn't a part of it anymore. but please, stop saying things like "i like old underoath only!" or "new underoath plz" because you either like a band, or don't, simple as that guys.

now onto the point of selling out, how did they sell out? they evolved as a band, and just because they use distortion and chords now doesn't mean they are a rip-off mainstream band, they tried something new, and weren't afraid of it. music was meant to evolve and grow, without this, music would be dead. period. so you hate them for selling out and changing their sound, it's not selling out. they still represent their beliefs in christianity and say they are doing this to bring people together. they didn't sit down and think of ways to make their fans angry, they did what most bands do when it's time to write, and experiment.

if underoath stayed the same, it would get boring to you all after awhile. now go ahead and hate me, but music isn't meant to be hated and ripped to shreds.

music was created by emotion to create emotion.

dallas wrote about his emotions in his time in the band.
why would spencer have the same emotions as him?
he wrote what felt right to him, and there's nothing wrong with that.

so if you hate new underoath, that's fine, but don't hate new fans.
because honestly, the band isn't going to fit into your back pocket their entire existence, and we need to get over it, it won't be your band forever that you found.

so go ahead and rip me to shreds like you do new underoath.
i don't care.