May 21st, 2005


a little help?

Hey there,
I was wondering if I could get your opinions on some photography.

I want to submit an Underoath photo to Alternative Press (they're having a photography contest). I'm not sure which version of the picture I should submit, as I've tried tweaking the colors/contrast/brightness a little in photoshop. I'm horrible at photoshop, but I'd like to get an idea of what people prefer.

picture x 3Collapse )

Thanks so much for the help<3
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Music in da Atl Gangsta!

Found a awsome site of pictures, live videos and more.
Most of this is in Atlanta GA (near where I live! YAY)

So if you missed the recent show with underoath and fear before and the other great bands
this place should have a few live video up soon
and they already have some sweet pics from that show up
so go chek it out

Gangsta in Mac-Town Boi!

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