May 18th, 2005



YAY UnderOATH is in the new AP mag... Yesterday I was getting food with my Dad. He went into KFC (yuck) and I went in to the Harveys next door... Then I had to go get pop from the corner store... when i was getting my pop i thought i would look at the mags... when i saw a head of red hair.. and it looked like Aaron... HA i got so excited... I wanted to know what kind of storys about the warped tour was going to be in it... but i have to find it somewhere else... It has Aaron, Frankie Iero, Pete (fall out boy) and some other person i dont know what his name is but i frogot what band he is in... well you will know when you see it...

Anyway that is my news :)


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    UnderOATH- When the Sun Sleeps