May 14th, 2005

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When I got to The Masquerade for the concert all the tickets were fucking sold outtt!
You don't know how pissed off I was.
So, we just hung around Ybor City and then went back near the concert about 2 hours later.
Then, all of a sudden this old lady asked me if I wanted to buy a ticket from her for 5$.
I was like "HELLL YAAAA GIMME GIMMIE" hahah.
So, for 5$ I got to see Underoath play about 7 songs.
I'm upset I didn't get to see the WHOLE concert though.

I met Aaron and Chris from Underoath!!!
Aaron was sooo hot in person.
Chris wouldn't stop talking.
We must of talked for like 20 minutes.
They were cool guys.
After the show I saw Chris again, so I took a picture with him.
We were waiting for like ever and none of the other guys came out.

Before the concert we walked by Chris and he asked us if we wanted to buy any cats hahaha.

Then, I saw Aaron walk by and I went and asked him if he can sign something.
I couldn't find anything to give him, execpt an old plane ticket rofl.
So, he took and said, "oh, nice plane ticket" and then he laughed.
I love him! ♥

Well, for 5$, I had a great night.
Got 2 autographs.
Seeing them play 7 songs.
A picture with Chris.
Hugs from 2 band members. ;)
and then I bought a zip up track jacket after the show.

I'm upset the whole thing is over and that I didn't get to meet Spencer. :( *cries*

Underoath is definitly AMAZING live. end of story.

they also told me that they are touring with the blood brothers and thrice sometime this year.