April 21st, 2005

who wants $25?

everyone sign up for this alternative to paypal which will be opening in June. if you preregister you get $25. every person you sign up you will get an additional $5. and you don't have to enter any bank or credit card info. use promo code lasko when signing up. it'll give me $5 which i could use for every person, and you'll make $25 and everyone that registers and uses you for the promo code, you'll get $5. it's legit, i checked it out. if you remember when paypal first started they did basically the same thing. it works the same as paypal, use it for ebay or whatever other online shopping you want to do. click this link http://www.greenzap.com/lasko oh and if it wasnt obvious, since this business won't be open till june, you won't have the $25 till then.
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man i went to the show last night and it was awesome man i mean i like it alot the new song was badass really glad its heavier too and it was just good but there were a lot of younger kids there which dissapointed me but they play angel below i was soo happy when they played it but what was funny was when spencer was like want to hear an old song not that many people cheered but some did and he was like too bad we're playing it anyway and they played it and all those fuckin little kids were just standing there hahahah i thought it was really funny but i enjoyed it and i enjoyed the whole show just wanted to share that with everyone
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