April 16th, 2005


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You know going to the show last night was supposed to be the highlight of the year. All my favorite bands, all in one show. Not saying it sucked, the bands did great, especially fear before and the chariot. Underoath was okay, after wanting to see them for so long I think I expected too much. The chariot was awesome... breathtaking even. But the crowd (assembled by 12-15 year olds for the most part) backed off from the front part of the stage and all crowded around the back and just didn't acknowledge that the band was even playing. Sure there was some true hardcore kids that were dancin it up (hell I even threw some windmills and lawnmowers myself). But it was really sad to see all these kids that were there to see underoath, just totally ignore all the other bands, except for maybe hopesfall since they went popxcore, and I think it's pretty damn childish. I mean sure you might not like the bands playin, but at least show your support for them by at least standing way infront and clapping or dancing or however it is you show your appreciation for a band.

Now I'm not saying that people from this community are the ones doin that cuz, hell lets face it I don't know any of you are from around colorado, or that any of you were at the show. But I'm saying that I'm pretty sure that this isn't the only show that this has been going on at. I just thought that I'd let you know what I thought about the crowds reaction at the show last night, even though I know alot of people from this community don't like the chariot or fear before.
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