April 14th, 2005

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okay. im sick and tired of the whole "dallas vs spencer bullshit."
what the are you even doing in this community then? notice the layout is "chasing safety" like, and the info has a picture with spencer.
if you don't like him, then make your own community about how much you love dallas and want to kiss his ass.

stop being so fucking immature and accept the change.

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everyone has accpted the change of dallas to spencer (if not they're hopeless). We're merely stating our opinions of how 'we and when i say we i mean people who like old underoath more preferably' like their old stuff. Their new stuff is going to be alot heavier thank god so you and all your 12 year old girlfriend are probably gonna start headbanging to atreyu now instead of underoath and move on to the next trend in middle school.
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hi i'm sarah and i'm new. i'm 15 and i think underoath is amazing. and I think Spencer is great even if some people loved Dallas. They are both amazing vocalists but sometimes things have to change and instead of hating on Spencer I think everyone should keep an open mind and love the amazing band that is UnderOath.

x Sarah

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I joined this to here some cool stuff on underoath, not listen to everyone bitch about who they like better and so on. Personaly I like underoath and respect there right to change and evolve as a band. I personly do not know why dallas is no longer with the band, nor do I care. Dallas was not underoath, they were a band, they still are a band. So they changed their sound a little bit....are you gonna totally disown them and constanytly critize it? I am here to listen to underoath both old and new I like the music they make now and the music they made them, thats quite possably because I am a fan of change and am willing to adapt to a new sound that a band has, I am sorry that everyone can not look past the lead singer.
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I've decided that this community is no longer dedicated to Underoath, but to El Monterey Shredded Steak & Cheese Microwavable Burritos.

It is now dedicated to all varieties of El Monterey Burritos.
It's also now partially dedicated to my family's ice cream shop, and walk-in freezers.
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underoath was a centimeter close from staying at my house
i almost had a heart attack.
i stopped breathing and i never felt so excited in my life.
but to my disappointed they didnt.
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yes, walk-in freezers, Y E S!

hi, im new, my name is David.

i've liked underoath foorrr... probably about 2 years, or somethin...
it was around the summer of 2003 or before, i can't remember.
not that it matters, but oh well.
leetotheuhh is also my older sister, who i am not ashamed of.
im up for new friends, if anyone isn't sick of adding new people.

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as the reigning leader of posts and being the veteran i am i would like to take the time to tell you that if you're going to make a post in this community make it actually worth reading and or talking about. it's getting really redundant seeing post after post about 'omg underoath is so hot i love reinventing your exit, blah blah spencer dallas', who gives a fuck, just stop with the pointless bullshit.

love, eric.