April 6th, 2005


Promotion! :)

Hey everyone, my name is Josh Hofer.
I do a lot of band photography.
I am here trying to spread the word of my photography website (corruptedlens.net).

I am posting here because i think we all share some, if not the same interests in music...
...and i am pretty sure we all enjoy looking at photos of some of our favorite bands! :)
At least i hope so! If not, then i apologize for this "advertisement" of sorts.

I have shot many bands, including (but not limited too)... Thrice, Flogging Molly, Codeseven, The Get Up Kids, Midtown, Matchbook Romance, Armor for Sleep, Thursday, He is Legend, Classic Case, Beloved (THIER FINAL SHOW!), Underoath, Motion City Soundtrack, Further Seems Forever, Murder by Death, Copeland, Braid, This Day and Age, Circa Survive, Forever Changed, Cartel, Stretch Armstrong, The Charoit, Lovedrug, Coheed and Cambria, Brazil, Funeral For a Friend, Piebald, Days Away, mewithoutYou... and many many more!!!

Made by Marshall (from Farewell):

Made by Laurie (from Laurie Shipley Design):

All you have to do is pick the one you like, then copy and paste the html code underneath the image and paste it where need be!
Feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

So yeah, check it out!
Sign up and become a user!
Tell all your friends about us :)

And if you enjoy my website, please feel free to post my banner where ever you would like!

Thanks everyone!

Corrupted Lens Dot Net Photography

X-Posted everywhere!
Sorry if you have seen this a bunch!
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socieys finest, anam cara tour dates

Tour with Societys Finest(featuring ex members of zao, as i lay dying, and this runs through), Anam Cara(ex member of underoath), War Of Ages(brand new facedown band) if you want a date email Tj@bsaa.biz dates are getting filled up fast so if you want one of these dates, email the address above and get it while you can. one of the florida dates is filled for tampa, just don't know which date. so only one more open florida date.


Wed. 1st Dallas TX
Thur. 2nd Tulsa OK
Fri. 3rd Little Rock AR
Sat. 4th Birmingham AL
Sun. 5th Dothan AL
Mon. 6th FL
Tues. 7th Orlando FL
Wed. 8th FL
Thur. 9th JacksonVille FL
Fri.. 10th Atlanta GA
Sat. 11th SC
Sun. 12th SC
Mon. 13th NC
Tues. 14th NC
Wed. 15th VA
Thur. 16th Baltimore MD
Fri. 17th Philly PA
Sat. 18th NY
Sun. 19th NY
Mon. 20th Piitsburgh PA
Tues. 21st OH
Wed. 22nd OH
Thur. 23rd MI
Fri. 24th MI
Sat. 25th IN
Sun. 26th IL
Mon 27th WI
Tues. 28th IA
Wed. 29th MO

thanks. i'll post more info later when it's all filled up for venue info and times/prices and whatnot. hope to see alot of you there.