April 1st, 2005

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underoath is fucking awesome! i love them!!!..
are any of u guys going to their concert thats coming up in detriot?...
anyways i love underoath! ROCK ON!...<3 Jessica
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hey decided to say hey and that im new to the community. im from san antonio and i love underoath. im a drummer here for high school and working on a band of my own. add me if you all want
rock on.\m/(>_<)\m/


hey everyone. i'm new to this communitity to. Underoath..omg..they are the absolute best of the best..especailly spencer. a little about me..um i'm 14 ..almost 15!! lol. and i live in the sunshine state. if ya wanna learn more then add me and i shall add u too. oh and i also have a xanga called sunshine1990..thats where i mostly write and update. well buh bye. look foward to getting to know u all!!!