March 29th, 2005

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Does Underoath make anyone else smile?
No? Just me?, I didn't think so! :D

I haven't seen the boys in a LONG time, so I am super excited for Cornerstone this year!
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Hi, kids.

If you live in Central California, come to this:

Bradley Hathaway
5:00 tomorrow @ Veteran's Park in Porterville, CA
Games, fun, food, games, food, fun, dodgeball, games.
Bring food and/or drinks to share with everyone, and a lawn chair for youself.
If you need any more info, email me;

Today I threw up at least seven times.
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Enough of this Dallas/Spencer crap. They are both respectable singers and very nice dudes, atleast, ATLEAST give them that.

On another note. I would be very much appriciative if you kids who are going to the UO/Chariot/.hopesfall/Fear Before show tonight in Dalls, TX could put up the set list for all 4 bands before.. well... tomorrow night because I live in Houston haha. I know I know alot to ask. But thanks if it is accomplished.