March 27th, 2005



hey i just wanted to know who else here thinks the old lead singer from underoath sings better than spencer...?

yea. im bored. just a random thought.

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Lets end Old vs. New

Allright yes underoath was much better when they had dallas. But are much more popular and are doing better with spencer. And I love how everytime this gets brought up "Dallas is gone, get over it." tag line. But if Dallas weren't gone he wouldn't be singing anymore. His vocals would have been gone if he kept touring at the rate he did for a nother year, probally even less. And if dallas wouldn't have left underoath, underoath probally would be walking down a worse pass with dallas than spencer. And you metalheads can still jam out to the old stuff so I dont even see the need to be pissed or sad about this whole ordeal. And the comments about not being able to understand dallas scream is b/s, its not even necessary. You have to have a taste for the music to understand it clearly. And if you want a band thats like underoath and from the same town that also lost there lead singer go find This Runs Through, spencers old band. They are just as amazing and underoath used to be.