March 25th, 2005

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I know that Underoath is on this years Warped tour, but are they gonna do the whole tour and come to Jersey?? I hope they do or i'll be so very pissed. Please someone let me know!!
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hello, i just joined like two minutes ago and i just wanted to say hi and my name's Marissa and i LOVE underOATH. i saw them a Taste Of Chaos; they were amazing. i'm seeing them again next month with FBTMOF. i cannot wait.
well, i just wanted to say hello to everyone.
bye :)
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anywho......let's see. it is good friday and you know what that means. no, not a day off of school. well, it does mean that but why? well, this is the day that Christ was crucified for your sins, so that you could go to Heaven if you choose to except Jesus Christ as your personal savior. so, just thought that i would post that, and remind everyone of that!!!!
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Hey this has nothing to do with Underoath, but i want to see what you guys think.This is my band Hands to the Forsaken

Check out our new demo recorded tracks at:


Dont forget to let us know what you think on the site, myspace, or here, as we worked very hard to record these songs Thx for your time
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