March 19th, 2005

Chicago Taste of Chaos

In reply to amongthefence's request, I said I had pictures, and here they are. Only a few are decent, I'm not too satisfied with how they came out, but whatever, I was in the middle of the crowd, so you can't expect much. I went to Milwaukee's as well (dont worry im not crazy, i got free tickets to both) and they wouldnt let me bring my camera in, otherwise I'd have better.

3/09/05 Aragon, ChicagoCollapse )
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you know what i do not get...underoath is a christian band. and, yet in there community, you have people that are cussing each other out and swearing all the time. i mean in am not perfect but, come on!!!!!
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headlining tour, soma

ah ok i have a prob, i NEED 2 more tickets to the Soma show on April 3rd, but the UO website says it isnt selling them anymore and ticketmaster told me this show doesnt exist(even though i ordered some like a month ago from the website)..can anyone help me? like redirect me to another website or something, i dont get why i can't find where they are being sold now. k thanks in advance.
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Hi, I'm Dana and I just joined this community. There isnt much to post besides the fact that I love Underoath and hopefully I can make friends with those who feel the same way about this band. I recently saw them at Taste of Chaos and they were one of the best bands playing there.

.. Question: Anyone else went to, or is going to the Taste of Chaos tour?
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