January 1st, 2005

this is pathetic

ok so my sister is all of u guys' favorite person.

she says she likes underoath and the last time i saw them i told her i was going to see them and she was like "OMG ur so lucky i love them i was just listening to them yesterday blah blah blah"

so the other day i was listening to theyre only chasing safety and she walked in on reinventing your exit and she was like "who is this?" and i was like "r u fucking serious? ur kidding rite?" and she was like "no. who is this?" and i was like holy shit so then i played her a bit of all the other songs to see if she culd guess and she still had no clue. so then i put in the changing of times and i played her a buncha songs and i was like u know who this is? and she was like "no." so then i was like "ok if u dont know who it is by this song kill urself" and i played her when the sun sleeps and she was like "oh ive heard this song b4. but idk who it is."

i was like if ur gonna say ur a fan of a band u hafta at least be able to recognize one song by them.

i mean for fucks sake its not like i asked her to name the songs, i just asked her to name the band.

i hate her so much.

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so i went to the show last night. my friend and i drove three and half hours for it. the show was pretty good but i was also disappointed. the first two bands were horrible. anam cara were amazing except the guitar player's preaching pissed me off.

this was my third time seeing underoath and i liked them much better the other times. it was still a fun time and i enjoyed singing along with everyone. the majority of the crowd looked like 13 year old teenyboppers wearing their matching hot topic underoath shirts. underoath only played one old song so that's what made me disappointed the most. also, their set was short for it being new year's and all. anyone else agree?

here's the setlist, maybe missing a song so help me out:
setlist.Collapse )
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The show was good, underoath and anam cara did an amazing set.
underoath had the guy from copland there and they did some seek forgivness, others escape. but it was the biggest poseur show on earth. there were like well over 100 kids wearing underoath shirts and hoodys at the show. I mean come on thats like the first rule of going to a show, you cant do that. but all in all it was cool. tim jumped out into the crowd and hit me with his guitar, but it didn't hurt.