December 27th, 2004

  • djosef

UnderOATH shirt

Didn't see anything against promoting auctions on here...sooo. I have an UnderOATH shirt from the tour they did in between the transition from Dallas to the new vocalist.

I have some other cool stuff on there (Glassjaw, Fear Before, etc.) if anyone's interested too.
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anyone here go to the warped tour in foxboro MA and seen underOATH ...
i did it was the best show ever.
tim gave me his skankyy ass sweaty shirt ! its great.
aaron gave his symbols to one kid on the left side of me
and antoher kid on the right of me.
ive seen alot of shows in my sixteen years and underOATH was def the best one.
and if anyone one seen james fingre was bleeding so hardcore and some got on me
" who has pics from that show? "

oh yeah for the people who are going to the lowell show.
is the place there playing at suck ? whats the deal....
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(no subject)

hello kids.
Im new =].. my names Becky, and im 15 =]
im so obsessed with underOATH, so yes.. ;]

... um.
dont know what to say lol .. so yyeahh..

ill catch ya latterr
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