December 5th, 2004

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Dallas is in town. Hes not playing show but he was at the from first to last show and will more then likly be at the chariot show on tuesday so if you kids want to meet dallas that would be the place to go. The boys from underoath will probally be there also.

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Three years ago i was sitting down at a local underoath show and the changing of times wasn't even out yet. Back when octavio was still in the band. Now like 12 year old girls that dont listen to lyrics and just like the sound of it are saying underoath are there fav band. So sad, so sad.

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ive sat here and watched u guys brutally tear apart the new cd and spencer and talk about how much of a god dallas is and how much u want to suck his dick. it makes me sick. if u guys wanna talk shit do it somewhere else cuase i dont think that whoever made this community made it for that. this is a FAN community and all u guys do is bitch and moan and talk about how u hate the new album.

yes dallas wrote beautiful lyrics but they kicked him out of the band and im guessing they prolly had good reasons for it. respect their decision and respect spencer cause hes an awesome front man. yes i know the new album is catchy and lyrically less poetic as their old stuff but i think whether dallas left or not the band was headed in that direction anyway. the songs on cries of the past and acts of depression were all jesusy and lovey but the changing of times had less jesus based lyrics on it and had catchier songs on it w/ choruses and singing like when the sun sleeps.

if u dont like the new album DON'T LISTEN TO IT no one's forcing u to.

please if ur gonna post negative things don't bother posting them at all. this is turning into more of an anti-new underoath community than an underoath fan community.

that is all i have to say.
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i would officially like to welcome everyone to the "anti- new underoath" community. thanks for joining.

im just kidding guys. but for the person who posted that last bullshit...i can say however i feel whenever i want...just ignore it if you dont like what we have to say.

the end.

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In my opinion, Dallas was way cuter than Spencer.

To the kids who like the new Underoath:

Get used to people being mad about you. It's not cause they're better or cooler than you, it's because there's a hole in their hearts that Dallas left. If you see a post about how someone doesn't like the new stuff, ignore it. They can still talk about the old stuff.

To the kids who like the old Underoath:

STOP BEING MEAN! Or else you'll make me cry like a sad emo child. But seriously, stop complaining about the kids who like the new stuff. Bands change, and you know there was no way to stop it whether Dallas was still in the band or not.

I'm wearing mine right now. Mmm...

Ok, now be nice and maybe after naptime we'll have juice and crackers.
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Does anybody remember the old days of underOATH tours? With bands such as Unearth while playing the smaller venues. I'm really going to miss that. I don't see them playing small venues anymore. The enviroment has totally turned different for their shows. Especially since you won't see anybody hardcore dancing anymore for them. What are some of the old tours you guys went to see?
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