October 14th, 2004

Toronto Set

Last night Underoath played with Coheed and Cambria and a member of 3 at the Kool Haus and it was absoloutly amazing. Only 1 member of 3 was allowed to cross the border, so he did an acoustic set but it was still amazing. Underoath had a 40 minute set, which was outstanding! Coheed and Cambria had an hour and a half set!! My friends and I got there VERY early and camped outside the Kool Haus waiting to see some members from Underoath. They rolled up, and Aaron got out of the driver seat and said he was about ready to have an anxiety attack...but he said he was better when they found the venu. He said they got totally lost, and arrived at the venu an hour later than they were supposed to. So they unloaded all of their stuff, and then Tim and Chris came out and had a talk with us. They are both amazing guys and I had an awesome time just talking to them. They taped my friend doing an introduction, and taped me saying that we had been waiting since 2:30 (4 1/2 hours before doors) just to meet the guys in underoath. Here are some things that we talked about...

~ They said that if they were ever to do "Some Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape" live, the lead singer from Copeland would have to be singing it live. So if the singer from Copeland isn't around, they won't be playing that song

~ They won't be performing "Alone In December" because the lyrics are super personal to Dallas, and Spencer said he would feel weird singing them

~ Underoath has a DVD coming out sometime around this time next fall Anyways, here are 2 pictures of us outside the venu with the guys

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hey dudes and dudettes umm i took these when i was with norma jean on the east coast on the solid state tour... i think these are in alliston,ma.....i thought you might like these...the thing that is to bad i think there are pictures that are on their website that are like these so there might not be such a difference.


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the show was fricken amazing. i met them. and i got two shirts.
i had the best time of my life!
they are so christian and i love them.
Tim had a cross on his keys and it made me happy. and Spencer said God Bless at the end.
i can't even say in words how good it was.
hey to all the people that were there!

by the way underoath has the best MERCH EVER!

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hey, im veronica.im new to the community.im going to see underOATH saturday at the knitting factory in new york city. ill take some pictures and post when i have a chance.


ps-add me please <3