October 13th, 2004

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anyone wanna trade??? anything???

ive got

-new underOATH baby blue with chasing safety and face on right bottom xxl
-old tbs yellow road sign xl
-emery with bird xl
-death cab tranatlanticism with plane xl
-beloved poloroid 2 sided xl
-alexisonfire watch out promo shirt xl
-fata sword thru zombie girl head xl
-atreyu curse t-shit with headstones xxl
-2 overthrow t-shirts double sided xxl xxxl
-a static lullaby red birds with heart xl
-cure bloodflowers xl
-red new found glory OLD SHIRT xl
-the awkward romance xl
-gunwale under xxl
-sleeping by the riverside OLD OLD HXC xxl

blindside xxl hoodie with angel BRAND NEW GOT FROM THE BAND AT CORNERSTONE i worked there booth while they played...

all in great condition, barely worn...
lemme know...im really tired of these shirts...


so i just got back from the Coheed and Cambria and Underoath show, fuck they are so fucking good live, its crazy.

my question, does anyone know how old the singer is?
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