August 20th, 2004

spencer's shirt

im new to this community, so what up.. im leah, from massachusetts.. i actually just started a journal, so im in need of some friends.. :) but i went to warped yesterday, last date on the tour besides the anniversary show. so i talked to aaron for a while, he was talking about christianity but not pushing his beliefs on me or anything.. it was one of the most amazing conversations i ever had.. i was hanging around the tent for a while so i ended up meeting all of the members of underOATH except spencer.. aaron told me to stick around after the set to meet spencer... i told him id been waiting forever to meet him, and i wanted his autograph but i didnt have anything for him to sign.. i got his picture (i ended up losing my digital camera by the end of the night, im PISSED) and he asked me if i wanted him to sign my arm or something, and i was like i dont want it to wash off, so he took of his shirt, signed it, and gave it to me.. yeah youre jealous.. haha
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