August 14th, 2004

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saw underoath at the august 4th warped tour at nissan pavillion.

they were undoubtedly the best band there.

however i did not eat anything all day. and during reinventing your exit i was fucking pukin on some dude in front of me.

fucking sick i know.

after the show i hung out with chris for awhile and talked about music and shit. and he signed my shirt. he was nice as fuck.

but yeah. if anyone in here hasnt seen underoath yet. they are worth any drive and any price.


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so underOATH played at the otto bar they were sick so me and my friend will went and saw them and when we got back are friend brett said we left him there cause he came and didnt have a ride home so we went back to get him and hes there talking to tim and tims like whats up guys wanna go grab some food and we were like sure and he was like lets go on the tour bus and get everyone else so we chill on there bus for like an hour then me will brett and the keyboard player follow tim he gets us lost then we find somewhere to eat and we eat it was awsome underoath was so sick and they are super nice guys