August 3rd, 2004

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I've been new here for a couple of weeks, but just really haven't felt like posting until now. Well.. my name is Rachel and I <3 UnderOATH.. but y'all knew that b/c I joined the community.
Not much to say when introducing myself.. cus I don't like doing it.

Well.. tomorrow is the warped tour and I'll be seeing them tomorrow! I can't wait!! I'm gonna take a few pictures of them.. so I'll post the pics whenever I can.

Any of y'all can add me if you want!
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just going to introduce myself now since I didnt get a chance to before..
Eitherway, hello to everyone, my name is Chris and im 17 and i've like underoath for a long long time now..Im hopefully seeing them saturday at warped in Randalls, since im from New York and all..if you want to know more about me, feel free to ask anything or contact me on AIM or anything.
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    Underoath - I'm Content With Losing