August 2nd, 2004


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Hey guys I went to Warped Tour and I saw Underoath and they were amazing. Even though their equipment got kinda wet and Tim slipped and broke his guitar in half and also hurt himself becuz the stage was wet. It is Florida so what did u expect you know. But they rocked and I took pictures. So I hope you guys enjoy!


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P is for Peter Pan

hello hello... i'm Jonnie... just joined [stating the obvious hahaha] yeah i've loved underoath for a long while now and was delighted to find a community devoted to them =) yeah anyhow on with a rambling... when warped tour hit california i was estatic to find out that underoath was gonna play... so i decided to go for them!! [i camped out with my friend the night before and everything] anyways so were in the warped tour and i head over to see where underoath will be playing... they weren't on the list!! i didn't get to see them =( grrr yeah but i still sa some really good bands like bad religion, thought riot, rivercity rebels, casualties, a small victory, and yesterdays rising... i did feel bad for underoath though... they were still in las vegas, their bus had broken down... yeah anyways hello again and goodbye for now... adios
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