July 28th, 2004

virgin underoath poster

hey everyone. i just got the new underoath cd, now i love them. i am 14, and i live in the state of michigan. i love emo, screamo, and some hardcore music. some of my favorite bands are Brand new, taking back sunday, emery, atreyu, the last broadcast, copeland, anathallo, the beautiful mistake, and underoath obviously. if anyone lives in the oakland mall area of michigan, email me or im me. also, if any one is going to the warped tour at the silverdome, get ahold of me. i would love some new friends. ;)
-matt w.
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    taking back sunday-...slowdance on the inside

Underoath Community

Hey, I made an Underoath community because i couldn't find one. Then right after I made it i found this community. Such a bummer. Well not really. Anyways, you can check out that community if you want.