June 8th, 2004

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"Sun 08/15/04 Pontiac, MI Pontiac Silverdome"

What the poop stains!! Pontiac Silverdome is freakin' humongo! Detrioit Lions use to play at that dump! That's insane that Underoath is going to play playing there. I mean, I think Celion Dion (or how ever you spell it) has performed there before. This is getting implausible now.

But anyway -- I've been lovin' underoath since "Cries Of The Past!" I got the new CD, and even though there's a dramatic change in it, I still love it. Underoath is good at any genre of hardcore/metal music.

Since I'm new to the community, I'll tell you all some stuff about me.

I'm Kyle. I'm 16 years old and come from Clinton Twp., Michigan. My favorite bands include; From A Second Story Window, Terror, Comeback Kid, With Honor, xLooking Forwardx, Between The Buired And Me, Underoath, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, The #12 Looks Like You, Stretch Arm Strong and New Found Glory. I play guitar in a band (who dosen't?). And thats about all!

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    The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Jesus and Tori