June 1st, 2004


hiya. i just joined this fantastic community. im happy there is a community just for underoath. i just have to say underoath is probably the most amazing band i presonally have ever heard. Short Of Daybreak is by far the best song they have. i saw them in concert on the solid state tour and they blew me away. i've only heard a few of their new songs, and i don't know if i like it yet. maybe because they got a new singer, i don't know. I guess because the changing of times is obviously a hard CD to top. but hopefully the CD is just as incredible as their old one.

much love<3,
Ahhhh no eyes!

Wow wonderous song!

I just heard "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door," and I must say that it is infinately entertaining, I enjoy it greatly. If you agree just throw yo hands way up in the air and wave them around like you just don't care.
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Hey Kids. My names Madison and I heart.<3 UnderOath. Ive listened to Underoath for a long time now, and i must say there new stuff's defiantley differnt but i still love them! There amazing, and wonderful, and they own. I just saw them about 3 weeks ago with As I Lay Dying and Norma Jean. It was AHH so good.

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What would be a good name for a metalcore/hardcore band?

no one comments...maybe this time?

I tried to cry out from the inside, but I guess my soul did not pour itself out enough
Blood on the walls, flaming black, blood on the walls,
I saw you staring through the cracks
No one was to know what was happening in me I felt no love,
I felt no reason to carry on with my life
Everything was wrong, nothing was right, at least that is what I thought
Kids finding laughter at my expense
They were killing me on the inside they couldn't give up their pride
My heart was bleeding from so much grieving
On the outside I looked fine, you couldn't tell but on the inside was eternal hell
I got caught up in the moment of depression,
and before I knew it my bodywas lying on the ground
With a gun in my hand my hourglass was out of sand
Thanks to all the people who drove me to death
Without you I could of never ended my breath
Through your anger and hate, I was able to choose my fate
There was a way out, but I chose the easy route
Blast of a gun, breath runs out, final thoughts put to extinction
No more pain, no more love, for you have chosen suicide as the way out... help them
Ice cold fingers, body lays on the floor,
pool of blood you see, you scream out in terror
Her body is now a part of mutilation, her soul the victim of strangulation
I will not accept this evil anymore
I never thought of who I hurt or I never tried to look for the good
I'm sorry for whoever I hurt, it's not easy to look back on my life,
and know I did not know Christ
For now I live in a real hell
I wish I had another chance... then I would live my life with love

great song....