February 1st, 2004

A New Kid that is a really big dork

Hi UnderOATH fans. Im new to this community I guess, I joined last week but havent found too much to say until now.

UnderOATH came to Birmingham pretty recently (where I live, or close enough to it) and rocked everyones socks off. I got to meet Chris, Aaron, James, and surprisingly, Octavio, who I didnt expect to be at an UnderOATH show...but youll find out why he was there if you keep reading. Anyway, UnderOATH played a few new songs and everything and it was really great to finally see them...But, unfortunately, Dallas wasnt with them though just like he hasnt been for a while now...on a related note of Dallas not being there, UnderOATH came to Zydeco, another venue for bands to play around here in, over this past summer, and they didnt show up because thats when their band problems started happening...so unfortunately, the first time I go to see UnderOATH, THEY dont show up...and as we all know, UnderOATH announced on their website that because of band problems, Dallas was kicked out...anyway, about the show, I did happen to see Octavio with his band Anam Cara, and they are really good. I thought Octavio might have been there to come back to UnderOATH or to fill in for James, but he didnt and he was in another band, but at least hes still in another band. Go check them (Anam Cara) out on hxcmp3.com or anamcararock.com...they even have a song that Dallas did guest vocals on called Clenched Fists of Desperation, so if you havent heard of them or heard them yet, I highly suggest you do....anyway...about UnderOATH, its just not the same without Dallas in the band anymore. He was just so good being in the band and its such a terrible loss to see him not with the rest of the guys. Anyway, Im sure youve all heard their new song on their site, and its pretty good, and Spencer does sound really good, but its just not the same UnderOATH anymore, ESPECIALLY without Dallas.

So since everyone has probably heard it, how do you think about it?

On a different note I guess, Dallas lives in Birmingham with his girlfriend, Allison. Ive met them both and theyre really great. Dallas was playing bass in a local band here called Heroic Me. I dont know exactly what the status on that situation is, but I guess he isnt doing it anymore because I dont think they have played a show in a while. I was really hoping and figuring Dallas would find the people that used to be in UnderOATH, such as Corey Steger and Matt Clark, the guitarist and bassist UnderOATH had for Act of Depression, and make another band with those guys. I know for a fact that the guy that played bass and recorded The Changing of Times, Billy Notke, left on good terms and went on to pursue a more active career with his church, but Im not so sure why Corey Steger, Matt Clark, and Octavio Fernandez were either kicked out of or left UnderOATH. Such a shame because it was so good. Either way, I would really love for Dallas to reform a band and with him living in Birmigham and me being able to talk to him and Allison, its a very very big win-win situation. If anyone has info on Corey Steger or Matt Clark or anyone else in UnderOATH, then tell me because I want to start a biography and website on UnderOATH for a Web Design class Im taking at school.

If you read all of that, thank you for your time, and sorry for all the "..."'s and commas and sort of run-on sentences.
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