January 31st, 2004

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hey,my name is Adam and i live Birmingham,AL.i just joined yesterday,because i just found out about this community.I love Underoath and i'm sure everybody has heard their new song already and if not,go to their site, Underoath777.com and let me know if you think it is Underoath.I have saw Underoath live three times and those three shows were best i have ever saw,but also all three was with their new singer,Spencer.Underoath is still the best,but they just don't sound the same and i'm sure mostly every one agrees on that.Maybe all of their songs will not sound like that one.Don't get me wrong,that song is still great and so is the band,but people hate change,so i'm a little disappointed.Also i met Spencer a few times and he is a really awesome guy and he can scream really good,i think,but i just wish Dallas was still in......God Bless
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    Underoath-Cries of the Past