Blah- I haven't made icons in like a year so I thought I would start again. So I made like .. 6 but they are kind of lame. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of it soon enough.

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undiscovered horizon

*le gasp* Someone is updating _undergraced? Well, yes-- tiny batch of icons today, and one doll! I just got PSP8... lmao, I know I'm behind the times, but the last thing I used was PSP5... so cut me some slack. Some of these icons are extremely old-- leftover from when I used PSP5. See if you can tell which are the newer ones ^^. Credit is appreciated in keywords-- but not necessary. ;) Enjoy and please, please critique!

4 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

2 Final Fantasy X-2 (includes one doll)

1 Final Fantasy X

1 Advent Children

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Bonjour Amis.
l'un: I put a new layout up. It's pretty hawt. (Well I think it is.) I got the code from whoafreelayouts and it was made by adhesive. Whooosah. It's kind of off in IE but nothing to overwhelming.
deux: I NEED SOME SUGGESTIONS. What kind of icons do you guys want to see? Any particular shows, celebrities, movies, bands, ect.? Anyone who gives me a valid suggestion gets a custom icon. EEE. I'm sure that gets you pumped. But yeah, alls I ever make icons of is Relient K and it's getting old.
Mmk. Well Fresh Prince is getting pretty intense so I gotta jet.
Au revoir.