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but we're still cool

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This rating community bases our votes off personality, intelligence, as well as pictures.

1. Post your application behind a lj-cut. If you do not know how, visit the livejournal FAQ.
2. When you apply, do not comment on any other entry other than your application entry. Once accepted, then you may post elsewhere.
3. You must have three pictures accompanying your application.
4. Spell correctly. You are automaticaly rejected for bad grammar, poor spelling, no capitalization, use of chatspeak, or terrible punctuation. We're language freaks. Deal.
5. Promote but don't spam.
6. No whining about the results.
7. You must promote on your application. If you don't, you're automatically gone until you do.
8. Place an underscore somewhere in the subject line of your application. If you don't, you didn't read the rules, and if you didn't read the rules, then we think you're out for community anarchy. This is not anarchy. This is a shared-dictatorship democracy.

Note: Pictures are not necessary, but they generally help you out.


Accepted and rejected banners as well as advertisement banners can be found here

What's the point once I'm in? To talk about music, life, poetry, art, etc. and to boost your self-confidence.

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Lizabeth - bluecowplushie

Nikkie - n0t_an_add1ct