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So hey, how about a post? I'm thinking that each member should put up their favorite poem and let the other members give their opinions of it and rate it. I shall start with one of my favorite poems. Granted it is a love poem, but I've liked this one for a long time, so be nice but be honest.

- Blue Jay -

As the bird of the night calls out
I lay in sleepless slumber
My mind is full of questions
My mind is full of wonder
“Why” I ask, “is it so hard
To reveal my heart to her?
Why is it when I face the one
My heart stops, my eyes blur?”
Perhaps it’s because, this one is different
She isn’t a part of the mindless trend
Nor is she cruel, dishonest, or dumb
Her eyes are like gems, twinkling and rare
Her cheeks rosier than any garden withholds
Her hands are warm and welcoming
Like any warm blanket or teddy bear
Her smile brings happiness and purity to me
More than any human or angel can offer
But her voice, oh, her voice, as sweet as spring air
It speaks nothing but truth and purity
It entwines me in her genuine gaze
Her song more melodious than any blue jay
If only I had courage enough
To express my passionate soul
But each time my sight reaches her eyes
Fear of the result withholds me once more
One day, I know it will be too much
My bottled feelings will break apart
One day, I will come face to face with her
And tell her exactly what is in my heart.
Let it ferment {Straylight Run}


wooo. I finally got around to putting names on all the pictures and placing them in the community profile.

this community also should be used occasionally. as in, don't just join and never post. talk about something.
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xx-The Basics:

Name: Kat
Age: 22
Natural Hair Colour: Really dark brown
Have You Ever Dyed Your Hair?: yes
Home Country: USA

xx-Five Favourites:

Bands: Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, Aerosmith, The Doors, Sarah McLaghlan
Books: White Oleander, by Janet fitch, Jemima J by Jane Green, The thrid and fifth Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, and anything by sylvia brown
Movies: Pretty Woman, the BReakfast Club, The butterfly effect, American Beauty, What a girl wants
Countries: England, France, Italy, Spain and the US of A


Straight Marriages: are for me, but maybe not for you. If theyre not, its okay by me.
Politics: Are pretty much a bore to me.
Life: happens
Death: is inevitable
Love: you cant live without it
Psychology: rockin
Manga: okay. most people like it. I'm not a fan.


Write at least four sentences describing something within two feet of you: Its a ty beanie baby that was given to me for my birthday. It has a sparkly hat on with multi colored streamers coming out of it. Its blue, like my birthstone, with a blue stone for nose. Its got a package on its chest in burgundy and writing that says December. I like the font thats used for the tag.
If tomorrow was your last day on your earth what would your last meal be?:thats a hard one. probably penne vodka with shrip from Gino's.
Define Normal: following the norms that are set by society
What do you think of stereotypes? theres nothing you can do about the way people think

xx-Take a Look:

Post a maximum of five pictures of yourself.

Find a picture of something different (a picture off google/other sites will be acceptable) that means something to you nad briefly explain it.
well, it mean something to me becuase it is my favorite flower and my favorite song.

Two links where you promoted the community:
Let it ferment {Straylight Run}

let's be cool

yeah. okay. I'm copying another community.

first twenty people (excluding the current four members) to apply are automatically in. you just have to apply.

now go. promote dammit.
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