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Undeniable @ livejournal [dot] com

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+Be nice, not rude. If you post comments, they must be uplifting, if they are not you will be warned. I do not want arguments in my communities.

+If you promote a community, it has to be a tv show, actor, or singer community and the graphics, can be no larger than 200 x 400

+Stay on topic anything not, related to tv or actor, actresses, or singers, is not permitted

+You are allowed to post friends only banners, headers, graphics of any sort of entertainment

+There will be absolutely no spoilers permitted. Icons made from pictures, quotes, or requests for icons from an episode that has not already aired MUST be placed behind an LJ-Cut tag with a spoiler warning. A spoiler is anything from an episode until the next morning after it airs in the US. Respect those members that wish to avoid spoilers at all costs.

+This is a Drama-Free Zone. If you have a problem with someone OR something posted, please contact me and I’ll handle it appropriately. If you have to be warned more than twice, you'll be banned from the community.

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_Undeniable_ is a community that revolves around forms of entertainment such as: Music, Television, Movies, Actors, Singers, Books etc.