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the unadulterated youth

you can't tell us who we are

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A place for the straightedge kids who don't like the straightedge scene.

1. Not mingled or diluted with extraneous matter; pure.
2. Out-and-out; utter: the unadulterated truth.

</a></b></a>_unadulterated_ is an alternative sXe (straightedge) community. Anyone can join if they fulfill the checked off items above: drug free, alcohol free, sex free till the right time... and if they make no compromises. Sometimes members of a professed sXe élite will say it's okay to get drunk on a holiday, or on the weekend, or whatever. But then this ruins the point. If you are straightedge, you don't poison your body. Period.

Do I have to be vegetarian/vegan?

No. Some members choose to be vegetarians or vegans because they see eating meat/animal products as a form of polluting their bodies. Whether you agree with this is up to you. One thing that can't be debated, though, is that drugs damage you, alcohol damages you, and unsafe sex can damage you— physically, mentally, and emotionally at times.

What about the whole hXe straightedge scene?

The point of this community is kind of to get away from the hardcore scene because not all of us like that sort of music and we don't want our lifestyle to make us be automatically associated with it. But hXe and non-hXe alike are welcome and no posts should purposely bash hXe. For that matter, don't go bashing non-straightedge people or each other.

And why no sex till the right time? Why not just stay a virgin permanently?

This isn't a religious community, so the "saving oneself till marriage" argument is not what we use. The point of abstinence until the right time is just that sex is totally healthy and good once you're with someone whom you know is the right person for you— and that person should at least be someone who's willing to take precautions against STDs, if not precautions against emotional scars.

We hope to see you around!

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