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Hello I'm new!
I somehow found this community. I think I might like it a lot because the idea is just so much about my life. I'm totally poisonfree. No alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and no casual sex with any random guy.
When it comes to the subculture though, I am not punk and I don't listen to some sxe hardcore bands or what they are called. I honestly have no knowledge of them. I listen to industrial, darkwave, ebm and that cy-gothic stuff. Only my bf is pretty punk but he drinks a bit of wine. Heh.
I'm from Finland. It's in Northern Europe. I live on countryside. I go to upper secondary school. I'm 17 :)
My favourite ways to entertain myself include learning about fashion and design. I find them fascinating. I design and sew a lot of stuff and I like to find ideas by following fashion. I find looks quite important. I'm not some snob-diva though.
Then I read about history and study languages. I'm very interested in WW2 and the Cold War and such 20th century affairs. I study languages hard and I speak 6 languages.

I'm 'straightedgy' because I simply want to keep the poisons at bay. I don't want them to touch my body making me act weirdly and I don't think getting drunk could be so fun. I want to have complete control over myself. My country is the most alcoholic one in Europe. It is sad to see how many people here are unemployed and on this alcoholic path. Things would be better without it. But it's their choice!

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