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So, my sister got me eating this Hemp Plus granola, which has got massive amounts of omega 3 and 6. It's really really tasty, I recommend it. I may well end up with an excess of 'healthy' fatty acids, the way I keep going at it.
I've never really looked into the whole hemp foods thing before now. But poking around a bit on the internet (and, um, reading the granola box) it's got some pretty impressive nutritional value. As a vegetarian, hemp is looking like a miracle food. Soy, flax, watch out.

So, here's the thing. What do you guys think of hemp use? As a fiber, as a food, as oils? How does that fit with your anti drug stance, or does it matter at all?

What do you think of the 'official' stance on hemp? Both the US and Canada have extremely strict regulations on hemp. What do you think of worries about industrial hemp vs marijuana? What do you think of the "wooo legalize weed" pro hemp folk?

Can a person be anti cannabis but pro hemp?

Talk to me, kids.

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