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Why I'm unadulterated...

I don't know how to LJ cut, sorry...

I follow the basic rules... no drinking, no drugs, no promiscuous sex.
I would never ever do drugs.
My stepdad was a pothead.
ASSHOLE. Used to get high and get mean.
Not hitting. Emotional, hurtful, break-you-down-to-tears stuff.
He got really drunk one night, after my mom and him had a fight.
He left.
Took his car.
Cops found him on the side of the road, sleeping in it.
They showed up at our house at midnight about.
Asked if we were ok. They were afraid he'd killed us.
He's divorced now. But I don't want to be like him.
My real dad was an alcoholic.
That's how he always smelled. Like beer.
I went to a bar a week ago.
When I stepped in, all I thought was "Smells like my dad.."
I don't see him anymore.
The no-promiscuous-sex is just cause I think sex isn't something to toss around.
If there's love, okay, go for it.
Otherwise, no.
Ergo, why I am a virgin.
16 year old virgin. Massachusetts. Straight edge, obviously.
I used to be a vegetarian but that just didn't work for me.
Sorry, but I <3 meat.
Other random facts... I like rock and rap (Adema and Ra to Luda and G-Unit). I read too much. I'm decently intelligent (not genius but not a dumbass). I have a boyfriend named Bill (Bill and Jill, utter cutesy-ness, I know). I love Japanese food, I hate candle stores.
Nice to meet you all :)

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