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Today, while I was at a gas station, I noticed two women, or girls rather, smoking. And one of them was an employee.

Okay. There was a big sign saying "no smoking," one of them was a worker who should know stuff about gas, and even if you don't work at a gas station, anyone with half a brain oughta be able to figure that cigarette + gasoline = kaboom. It's common sense, right? Or am I the only kid brought up learning the basic concept of combustion?

Anyway, I know that we're not here in this community to bash non-straightedgers, but honestly, I couldn't figure out why they were smoking. I was torn between guessing that a) the type of person who would actually smoke at all must also have the level of common sense required to smoke in a gas station, or b) the smoking caused enough brain damage to smoke in a gas station. To give both girls the benefit of the doubt, I didn't jump to any conclusions, but... yeah. Any thoughts?

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