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Hello I'm new!
I somehow found this community. I think I might like it a lot because the idea is just so much about my life. I'm totally poisonfree. No alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and no casual sex with any random guy.
When it comes to the subculture though, I am not punk and I don't listen to some sxe hardcore bands or what they are called. I honestly have no knowledge of them. I listen to industrial, darkwave, ebm and that cy-gothic stuff. Only my bf is pretty punk but he drinks a bit of wine. Heh.
I'm from Finland. It's in Northern Europe. I live on countryside. I go to upper secondary school. I'm 17 :)
My favourite ways to entertain myself include learning about fashion and design. I find them fascinating. I design and sew a lot of stuff and I like to find ideas by following fashion. I find looks quite important. I'm not some snob-diva though.
Then I read about history and study languages. I'm very interested in WW2 and the Cold War and such 20th century affairs. I study languages hard and I speak 6 languages.

I'm 'straightedgy' because I simply want to keep the poisons at bay. I don't want them to touch my body making me act weirdly and I don't think getting drunk could be so fun. I want to have complete control over myself. My country is the most alcoholic one in Europe. It is sad to see how many people here are unemployed and on this alcoholic path. Things would be better without it. But it's their choice!
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So, my sister got me eating this Hemp Plus granola, which has got massive amounts of omega 3 and 6. It's really really tasty, I recommend it. I may well end up with an excess of 'healthy' fatty acids, the way I keep going at it.
I've never really looked into the whole hemp foods thing before now. But poking around a bit on the internet (and, um, reading the granola box) it's got some pretty impressive nutritional value. As a vegetarian, hemp is looking like a miracle food. Soy, flax, watch out.

So, here's the thing. What do you guys think of hemp use? As a fiber, as a food, as oils? How does that fit with your anti drug stance, or does it matter at all?

What do you think of the 'official' stance on hemp? Both the US and Canada have extremely strict regulations on hemp. What do you think of worries about industrial hemp vs marijuana? What do you think of the "wooo legalize weed" pro hemp folk?

Can a person be anti cannabis but pro hemp?

Talk to me, kids.
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re: the _unadulterated_ contest

hello, all.

Okay, the _unadulterated_ community info contest was officially as of September 1st. I've been moving, so I missed posting something on Wednesday, but I have been thinking about it. Really.

We had one submission, by rauduskoivu, which you can see here.

I realize this is still a small fledgling community, and so I'm going to ask what you'd like to do.

rauduskoivu's description fits my view of "unadulterated"

Mean: 7.67 Median: 9 Std. Dev 1.89

Should we use it?

Yes. It's perfect as is. Do it and put this contest nonsense behind us.
Yes, but I have a suggestion for improving the description.
Yes, but we need to be more open-ended.
Yes, but we need to be more strict.
No, extend the contest so we can see other choices.
No, extend the contest so I can put in a submission.
That's what unadulterated is? I'm outta here.

Let me know where you'd like to go from here.

Whatever happens, rauduskoivu has a woolen fish coming her way. She can email me at dorothy_bee_ at hotmail.com and we'll talk.

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Why I'm unadulterated...

I don't know how to LJ cut, sorry...

I follow the basic rules... no drinking, no drugs, no promiscuous sex.
I would never ever do drugs.
My stepdad was a pothead.
ASSHOLE. Used to get high and get mean.
Not hitting. Emotional, hurtful, break-you-down-to-tears stuff.
He got really drunk one night, after my mom and him had a fight.
He left.
Took his car.
Cops found him on the side of the road, sleeping in it.
They showed up at our house at midnight about.
Asked if we were ok. They were afraid he'd killed us.
He's divorced now. But I don't want to be like him.
My real dad was an alcoholic.
That's how he always smelled. Like beer.
I went to a bar a week ago.
When I stepped in, all I thought was "Smells like my dad.."
I don't see him anymore.
The no-promiscuous-sex is just cause I think sex isn't something to toss around.
If there's love, okay, go for it.
Otherwise, no.
Ergo, why I am a virgin.
16 year old virgin. Massachusetts. Straight edge, obviously.
I used to be a vegetarian but that just didn't work for me.
Sorry, but I <3 meat.
Other random facts... I like rock and rap (Adema and Ra to Luda and G-Unit). I read too much. I'm decently intelligent (not genius but not a dumbass). I have a boyfriend named Bill (Bill and Jill, utter cutesy-ness, I know). I love Japanese food, I hate candle stores.
Nice to meet you all :)
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Today, while I was at a gas station, I noticed two women, or girls rather, smoking. And one of them was an employee.

Okay. There was a big sign saying "no smoking," one of them was a worker who should know stuff about gas, and even if you don't work at a gas station, anyone with half a brain oughta be able to figure that cigarette + gasoline = kaboom. It's common sense, right? Or am I the only kid brought up learning the basic concept of combustion?

Anyway, I know that we're not here in this community to bash non-straightedgers, but honestly, I couldn't figure out why they were smoking. I was torn between guessing that a) the type of person who would actually smoke at all must also have the level of common sense required to smoke in a gas station, or b) the smoking caused enough brain damage to smoke in a gas station. To give both girls the benefit of the doubt, I didn't jump to any conclusions, but... yeah. Any thoughts?
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I made a community banner, which you can see up on the comm info page.

If you'd like to post it, here's the code:

<p><a href=http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=_unadulterated_><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v35/doredy/unad-icon-1.gif"></a><p>

any comments/thoughts/suggestions?

And, we've got one entry in our contest; keep them coming!