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*Eat nothing today that you'll regret tomorrow*

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Twisted Obsession is a community for people with anorexia or ed-nos with anorexic tendencies. This is NOT a community for bulimics, compulsive over-eaters, or binge eaters. Please do not post about binging and/or purging here. We do not want to offend anyone, but we would rather not hear about other people eating. This is also not a community for anyone looking to lose 10 lbs fast. Please do not join asking how to become anorexic, we are not here to teach anyone how to develope an ED, we are simply to support others who struggle with them.

1) Starting Sept 1st all new members must fill out the application and wait to be accepted before making any other posts or comments in the community.
2) Please try to keep entries semi-short. Any long entries should be placed behing a cut.
3) Picture of your progress or thinspiration are always welcome, but put them behind a cut.
4) NO FOOD ICONS! It triggers craving and potentionally leads to binging. If you have a food icon, please select a different icon to use when posting in this community.
5) No nazis. Unless you have a medical degree, you are not entitled to determine who is anorexic and who is not. Please do not leave rude and discouraging comments, unless they are asking for it. (i.e. "I'm 5'3 and weigh 220 lbs but I want to lose 7 lbs fast. I've been ana a month but can't seem to get it right. How do you fight the cravings??")
6)Whenever you post your weight, please include how tall you are. If you talk about your progress or how much weight you've lost, include your current stats.
7) Do not update us every single hour of your fast. Once or twice a day is enough.
8) We want this community to be active. If you do not post at least once a week you will be deleted.

We will ban you if you break the rules more then once.

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At least one picture of you (preferably one where you can see your body):

Pants size:
Top size:
Have you ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder?
How often do you weigh yourself?

If you could change any body part(s), what would you choose?
What body type do you have:
How happy would you say you are with your body as it is right at this moment?
Have you been made fun of because of your weight?
Did it contribute to how you feel about yourself now?

What celebrity, in your opinion, has the perfect body?
Other than physical appearance, how do you feel about yourself?
Do you think you'd be happier about yourself if you were comfortable with your weight?
How often will you be posting in this community:

Please promote to at least ONE COMMUNITY or FOUR USERS and give us a link:

3-8 sentences about your experiences with an ED including when you first developed an ED:

Disclaimer: This community does not promote ED's or offer to teach people how to starve themselves. Do not join if you are in recovery, because some of the material may be triggering.