We're Back

Ok well looks like Twisted Truths is comming back, we have our first practice Monday at 3, I have one song half written with music we'll probably work on that alot, also Sweet Child O' Mine, and Marshall has a song picked out, thats it later.
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Nobody has really heard any of our music yet so I'm making a bio about Twisted Truths so you guys will understand a little better about us. Twisted Truths is a rock band that mixes in a little bit of rap with fast lyrics, turntables, and synthesized background music. The band was started last year by Ryan, and Chris. At first it started as a Punk Band with no real name, the band included Ryan, Chris, Ian Berge, Zach Chastain, and Phelim. However nothing ever really happened, so all but Ryan and Chris quit the band basically, Zach and Ian started their own SKA band called Courtesy Flush. Around the end of band camp Chris mentioned the band and we started looking for people to rebuild the band. Lots of people where considered including Veronica Hojnacki, Nicole Morgan, Doug Stout, Kyle McDounough, Tabby Eisenberg, and Jason Parks. Finally Ricky became interested and mentioned that he previously played guitar, although he no longer knew much about it. After talking about the band in Ricky's car Ryan asked Phelim if he would like to play keys, however he would have to learn how to read key music, and he volunteered to play as Bass. For about 2 months the band was simply 4 players, Ryan, Chris, Ricky, and Phelim. Chris was told he would also be able to play in Courtesy Flush but was kicked out. So after writing a few songs and a bus ride to a band competition to Tampa Ryan and Marshall Hine were talking about the band and Marshall mentioned that he played the Piano, Ryan suggested he join the band but he wouldnt play piano but the key board and also would have to obtain a turntable for scratch and rythyms. So there you have it thats how Twisted Truths was formed.

Bands that inspired Twisted Truths from biggest inspiration to least:
1)Linkin Park
4)Systems of a Down
7)Papa Roach
10)The Wallflowers
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Song Finished

K...here it is...
after ryan fixed it up

I wont say i care for you
Pain is all you get
and the more you seem to fade away
the more that i forget
but then you pull it out of me
and spit out all your lies
I know we can never be
no matter how i try

(chorus): Now you see
your killing me
and life just seems to end
and everything you say to me
means nothing in the end

Hell on Earth
Earth in Hell
they both go hand in hand
then life goes on and nothing seems
to be the same again
So i hide away from you
and act like i dont care
but the only thing i cant do
is turn from your piercing stare


Face the truth
life beats you down
'till nothing else is left
but theres a difference hear that sound?
A heart beats in my chest

Hell on Earth
Earth in Hell
they both go hand in hand
then life goes on and nothing seems
to be the same again
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Our First Entry

Hey this site is for our band twisted truths, and anyone who has read some of the things we've written on live journal and liked it or wants to support our hopes of becomming a better band. So anyone who wishes to join or help out with our background or whatever just sign up and join- Ryan
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