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Twin Peaks Fanfic

Twin Peaks Fan Fiction
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The Twin Peaks fandom seems to be as strange as the show itself was. The fans have remained devoted to the show nearly fifteen years after its cancellation. They continue to discuss the mysteries of Twin Peaks in an attempt to figure out the complexities of the show. But for some reason, they have not written much fan fiction and have not produced much discussion of the fannish sort. Yeah, the mysteries of the Black Lodge are many and varied, but where the hell are the topics discussing the hotness of Audrey/Cooper? Or the slash vibes between Truman/Cooper and Donna/Laura? And why has no one commented on Audrey's extreme gayness? The lack of such discourse just baffles the mind.

This community has been created to remedy this lack of fan fiction. Members are encouraged to post links to fanfic they have found on the web (gen, het, slash, femslash) and to post recommended fics if they happened to like the story. And of course, they're encouraged to write fic of their own and post it here. Challenges will be issued every week on which to base your ficlets, drabbles, and epics on.

In addition to fanfic, all discussion that leads to the creation of fanfic is also welcomed. So there is no reason not to discuss the shippy vibes between Audrey and Bobby or Shelly and Cooper. Speculative posts about relationships, characters, and future plot lines that could lead to inspiration are also encouraged.

Guidelines For Posting Fanfiction/Art

Please use the LJ-CUT tag when posting fics and pictures.
Please check spelling and grammar before posting fics.

The header for your fic or picture should be something like:

Pairing: (where appropriate)
Categories: (where appropriate. for instance - angst, drama, PWP, UST)
Summary: (where appropriate)
Author/artist comments: (if desired)
Disclaimer: (where appropriate)

Other Guidelines

No flaming.
Feel free to post requests for beta readers, etc.
Feedback is encouraged, but please be constructive.


For the moment, fics posted to here will not be archived elsewhere. However, if there is a demand for it, we can look into setting up a site to archive fics.

If anyone has any questions about the guidelines for the Twin Peaks Fanfic community, please contact prozacpark.

Finally, Twin Peaks Fanfic aims to be a friendly, informal community, so respect one another and have fun!