The Great Arcade Fire


This will be my last entry in this journal, _twilighticons_ is now closed. I've moved in with lovebit at bystarlight_ (cookies for those who know where the name's from). It's shiny and new, and very, very exciting. Everything is still snaggable here.

I wanted to thank you all for the great year I've had with this journal, it's sad to leave it, but I felt the need to move on. So thank you for the sweet words, and great feedback. Feel free to friend bystarlight_ for new goodies.

Thanks again :)
The Great Arcade Fire


for finals, a few icons for the road though.

[ Amélie, Garden State, Constantine, HP: GoF & PoA , Lost In Translation, Reservoir Dogs, Sin City & Star Wars : Episode II] + [ Buffy, Firefly and Veronica Mars].

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A Veronica Mars mootheme made by lovebit and me.


The Great Arcade Fire


[ Veronica Mars (Hot Dogs & M.A.D.) & I'm taking requests] spoilers


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Icon requests :

1. Two requests per person max.
2. Comment to this post only, with:
a) The fandom.
b) Url of the picture you want me to use.
c) Text and whether you want it to be tiny or legible.
d) Style preferences if any.
3. All icons will be shareable.
4. Fandoms allowed. : Veronica Mars, Alias, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Grey's Anatomy and Dead Like Me.