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i asked a long time ago for help with pictures of the tmnt bad guys for my tattoo, and this is the result. actually this has been done for like a year and i forgot to post it. its really hard to show the entirity of both tattoos at once but i think you get the idea.

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hi, my name is Lisa, i'm 22. i was wondering if anyone could help me. i recently got my ninja turtles tattoo done, and now i need a good picture of some of the bad guys to do on my other arm. i've asked in a few other communities too, and its a lot harder to find the perfect picture than i thought! i know there's also the "new" ninja turtles series, i don't want that, i want the old school stuff! so if anyone could direct me in the right place it would be greatly appreciated! thanks :)

here's a picture of my turtles tattoo in case you're interested. i want to get the bad guys (definitely shredder, maybe foot soldiers and krang if it fits right) on the other side to make it look like they're about to fight when i hold my arms up.

Selling all my 80's TMNT's on Ebay

I'm hoping that advertisements are OK, I haven't seen anything otherwise. Anyways, I'm a hardcore TMNT fan-chick and have collected them since they first came out. I've been lurking here in this community for a while. I'm working on buying a house soon and to raise some extra money, I'm selling all my collections *sniffle* One of these is my immense vintage TMNT collection. I figured I'd make sure to let you guys know about it. It's all up on Ebay right now. I'll put my giant list hereCollapse )
I've also got a bunch of other 80's toy collections I'm selling. If you might be interested in those, they're all listed on my LJ. Thanks for looking guys!

Question Line

Calling this the Question Line....

Here's how this will work. I; being the mod will start off w/ a question; the first person to answer (although answers from everyone are welcome) must answer in a comment; then must post an entry w/ a new question....this will continue. and please make them TMNT related...if you can't think of one...then you may ask it non TMNT related...but please think hard before resorting to this.


Who is your favorite TMNT?


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it's that october holiday...and here I am cleaning and handing out candy what fun. well in my cleaning I came across my old costume suitcase. and guess what I found...MY OLD TMNT costume from when I was little...oh how I wish it still fit. lol..the only part that does is the sash for the eyes! hahahahahahaha. well; I haven't worn it since I was a wee girl. tee hee. so anyways..just thought I'd mention that...hmmm...maybe I'll buy a new one..wouldn't that be grand...not that I need it; and this holidays almost up. anyways...laterz to all...have a good one.


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well it's fresh around here and im using it as an excuse to wear my teenage mutant ninja turtles flannel pj's...heehee.. i have to wear my fluffy green slippers to match of course.. yay!
nighty night..

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Well, the community is a bit dead. yup...

haha, it'd be cool if people would promote a bit. hopefully bring in some more people!

I want a TMNT shirt!! I haven't had one since I was younger..and I don't know what happened to them! I've seen like a few people w/ one though just in the past week..but it's cool! haha, I remember having the TMNT pajamas!! the footsies ones!! they were cool!! (and it came w/ the eye band thingy!!) so cool! haha, well...just thought I'd add a bit of TMNT to this request of promoting! :D