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This is the OOC Community for _tune_up. All OOC posts will be posted here, as well as character and idea discussions.

About Tune Up

Tune Up is a Pre-RENT RPG set two years before the play is set to begin. It starts the day that Mark arrives in New York in lat August, all alone and with only the address of his old high school friend, April. It will follow up to the point of the play, possibly tainted by slight changes and creative license (there will be no tickets issued for being original in a canon zone).

Both canon and not so canon characters will be used. It will be story style, meaning that as oppose to diary format each entry and the replies will read like a very odd fanfiction. Every post will be the start of a "thread" for the characters to follow. Multiple threads may be going at one time, but don't worry: the confusion will be kept to a minimum.

What You Need

Not too much, really. An open mind is a good start, since this RPG may not be entirely canon. All though it will be LJ based, characters are free to interact over any instant messenger service they wish, though this is in no way necessary (all conversations should be posted to the community so that the rest of us aren't in the dark).

RPG character journals are not required, though any one who wishes to create one can and will be friended by the community, so we can keep track of all your dirty little secrets.

How To Play

First, look at the available characters and fill out the application here. Once you get accepted, you're free to post.

If you have any other questions, check out the FAQ thread.

Current Characters

(If you need to see contact information and character profiles see this post)

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