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About To Get Deleted

The following characters did not reply to the last post and are damn close to getting deleted unless they reply with a decent excuse. We're not asking for you to even post at the time, just to reply so that we know you're still out there.

Benjamin Coffin, Zoey Stevens, Audrey Bauer, Pamela Schuman, Michael Denisof, Joanne Jefferson, Lissa Myers, and Grant Summers.

Emily to Stephanie, do you read me?

Hey Steph, it's Emily aka April and Paul. I was just wondering where I could find that post you made about Drug use. Because right now I'm in the Loft post with you and Mark and April's going through withdrawal. I want to make sure that what follows is at least partly realistic.

Also, could you maybe make an appearance soon? It's not that I don't like April talking with Mark (I do! I really do LUV Mark/April time) it's just that we haven't had April and Roger together for a while and... well. April misses her man.
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Another useful rule brought to my attention.

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for skipping days. I think you're getting the hang of it, and you know (or don't know, and I don't think you want to know) how irked I get when people don't skip days. Please, please continue, you're doing great.

Alright kids, despite the praise, I feel the need to bring this to your attention.


Got your attention? Good.

Guys, you know I'm all for it. If anybody is for the smut/sex/whatever it's me, but guys, come on. We really don't need (as much as we may like) posts just for smut that carry no real plot, character development, or reason. Wanting to screw is really not a valid excuse anymore. Just like the skipping days thing, I, along with others, feel that it's hindering the plot and clogging the RPG as a whole. I'm not pointing fingers, because we've all done it, or at least most of us.

So, yeah, the sex thing. We love the sex thing, but please let it have some sort of visible contribution to the overall plot/character development of the role play. If I or anybody else can't figure out that you're trying to show something about your or another's character, then we're going to assume it's pointless. Besides, like anything else, you don't want it in excess. The more and more we have it gets...well, it gets boring after a while. It loses it's spark, if you will.

Just....post the sex in moderation, okay?

Thanks in advance.

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Just Some PSA

1. Remember to end your threads. Don't just leave them hanging around, half finished and what not for a week or two. I have no idea if I should close them or not. I know sometimes people aren't reply and you can't do anything, and that's find. But, you know, give me some sort of sign when a thread has died that I need to close it.

2. Keep your threads in one post if possible. I've notice a tendency for of a lot of people to carry large threads into two or three posts (especially in the case of sex and morning after threads, and God there have been a lot of those.) If you can, just keep all that in one post espcially if it's the same two or three characters in the new post as in the old. It clutters the board. I understand that after 50 post it starts to hide replies. The easier way around this is to reply to the original post every time, instead of replying to the other person's reply comment.

3. List of possible objectives that need to happen sometimes relatively soon:
- Angel/Mimi make friends (well, not soon-soon, but some time and I'm not sure who you two want that to work out.)
- Mimi move into the building (being worked on)
- Mark drop out and move in to the loft (being worked on, slowly)
- Roger/April and HIV (questionably being worked on)

4. Continue to skip days and we will continue to love you.

5. Probably, we will comply a list of people who haven't been posting pretty soon.

The bum hath returned... or so she thought

Alright, let me start of by saying that I am a bum. I total bum. I never realized that being gone for so long would be so... bad. I especially want to apologize to those who were left without someone to talk to in a thread. Midterms were, they were... well let's just say hard core. And stupid little me didn't realize that I had a huge music concert taking place this Saturday so guess what? More work for Emi the bum.

No but really, tonight I'm going to update the threads I'm in. Sorry if they aren't very long but the rest of my time will be spent trying to catch up on all the new threads. I just wanted to apologize to all those people who are thinking "Where the hell is she?"

So yeah, I'm really really really really sorry but I kinda want to have a pleasant real life even though RPG life is more fun. And I don't have to worry about stupid tests *grumblegrumble*.

Edit: Oday I lied. I'm not updating stuff. BUT I SWEAR I'LL TRY LATER!
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Hey, guess who's back "in town" ?

I'm baaaacccck ^^ I brought my grade to an 83! I think this RP will cause me to make better grades. Imagine "How the Tune_Up RP Changed My Life." haha jk.
But I'm staying with my grandparents so no active posting for me until Friday night or Saturday morning. My grandparents are very strict about websites and me. (They're convinced that I crashed my grandmas comp. by going to a "bad" site, I swear on the Rent bible that I did not. My uncle and aunt both stayed that same weekend and my uncle was in a chat room once. Sorry off topic, but yeah I'm very happy ^^ *
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Tune Up

Character Ages

I know you guys just love these "reply or die" type messages, so here's another one for you!

Because of some date questions brought up, it has occurred to me that knowing the character's ages *might* be a good idea. So just reply to this thread with two random numbers, and we'll be good.

To give you some references: Mark is in the 18-19 year old range and will be 22 at the beginning of the play. Roger is in the 21 years old and will be 24 at the start of the play. So, there are you two examples. Go for it.