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// Z E E    M I S S I O N    S T A T E M E N T

Welcome to Firefly, a community dedicated to the character of Omi Tsukiyono of Weiss Kreuz. Fan fiction, fan art, and other such submissions are welcome but we ask that you do adhere to a few simple guidelines.

// Z E E    R U L E S

1.) When posting fan art we ask that you either provide a link or post behind an LJ cut. If you're not sure how to do this, please ask and we'll be happy to explain.

2.) Fan Fiction. Livejournal is a public forum which means anyone can read through unlocked posts even if they are not a member. In order to avoid scarring/and or possible trouble, we ask that you clearly label any and all fics and place them again behind an LJ-cut.

When posting fan fiction, we ask that the subject line should contain the title and number of parts of the story followed by:

Warnings: (For spoilers, graphic language, violence, citrus)
Pairing: (If one)
Status: (WIP? Finished?)
Disclaimer: (Just the Standard "I don't ownz it," will suffice.)

Fanart. When posting fanart (or any other pictures), please either provide a hyperlink or, if posting it directly into the entry, use an LJ-cut tag. (< lj-cut text="Blah" > Fanart here < /lj-cut >) Please clearly label anything that isn't 'work safe', which means pictures containing any kind of nudity or yaoi/yuri leanings needs to be labeled so no one pulls up something inappropriate in front of their boss.

Role Play/RPGs. You are allowed to post advertisements for Weiss related RPGs on this community; however, we ask that you do this only in the capacity of seeking out new members. If for whatever reason you've stumbled onto Weiss RP journals for the first time while your enthusiasm is wonderful, we ask that you not spam the community with this discovery as this leads to annoyance for those members who get the same message over and over again because many of us belong to the same communities.

When in doubt ask the moderators; we'll tell you if it's spam or not.

3.) No flaming. The intent of this list is to encourage friendly discussion and or/posting of topics pertaining to Omi Tsukiyono. If flaming does occur, the post/comment in question will be deleted and should it continue from the same person, said person will be banned from commenting. Please show others the common courtesy you would like to be shown.

4.) We ask that you please keep off-topic posts to a minimum. You may use this site to promote other communities or websites but we ask that they pertain at the very least to Weiss Kreuz.

With all that being said and understood, we hope you will enjoy your stay.

// Z E E    M O D S

sephyelysian & amet

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// Z E E    F I N E    P R I N T

We are not Koyasu Takehito, therefore we do not own Omi or the Weiss. Community icon, banner and miscellaneous layout tweakage done by sandinmyshoes, using design sketches of Omi, a screen cap of Mamoru from the Tokyo Sling video done by kirakins, and snippited lyrics from Delirium's Firefly. What's ours is ours, and the rest is gratefully nicked without intent to profit. ^^