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...O_o' I updated Omi no Kiken. WAH?!

I've updated Omi no Kiken with a citrus-y twist and additives.


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Aya x Omi pairings. For the rest of the story please check out, the lemon on

Omi watched as Ken and Yoji left, hearing the first then second clicks of the door and lock before looking at Ran with a gleam in his eyes Ran had thought he saw maybe twice before.

The redhead felt he should push the issue. “So, we have no need for these?”

Omi bit his lip. “Absolutely not, I mean, you’re clean aren’t you?”

Ran’s eyes widened at the implication, as Omi continued on, stuttering like a nervous virgin, oh wait. It wasn’t like one at all, he just was one. “I mean, I heard that without it… and I thought that… and you and I and…”

Ran’s mouth covered Omi’s, stopping the sputter of his tongue, putting it to a much more productive task. His long fingers slipped up through Omi’s shirt before undoing any contraptions needing to be undone, and then mimicked the same removal of buttons and zippers to Omi’s shorts. He extradited the shorts from Omi’s legs very carefully, not daring to jar that knee and blow his evening.

No, he was concerned with a different sort of blowing, so caution needed to be had! Ran slipped his own shirt off, giving Omi a bit of a flesh show.

“I love you.” He mentioned to the tawny-blond laying over him. He wiggled free from his pants and carefully positioned himself to leaving him hovering over Omi, both still in their boxers. As Ran’s body pressed vertically to Omi’s, he felt the attentions running into his more and more confining boxers, though he knew his erection had company.

“I love you, too, Ran. Now make sure I can at least hobble tomorrow.” Omi smiled, challenge issued for the night, he slid his arms across Ran’s shoulders, pulling him in close for another make-out session as the two rubbed and pressed against each other, only tightening their cloth imprisonments. He could feel the size difference even through the thin fabrics, Ran was definitely wider, which when he thought about it did make sense.

As far as length went, Omi wasn’t quite that good at figuring out through the simple contact. Ran elicited a gasp from Omi when one hand curved downward, catching a bit of him by… surprise.

He smiled, an eyebrow rose, it was a pleasant surprise, he had concurred. He opened his own mouth to gasp as the feelings and tinglings were frankly driving him mad in ecstasy. Ran slipped the fabric of Omi’s boxers skyward and Omi soon noticed the change in temperature.

Sure, one would rationally think it would feel cooler, now that the fabric that had been holding his body heat in was removed, but really, it was umpteen degrees hotter, so much that he felt he was truly going insane, after all, how could a mouth do that, rationally?

Ran took gentle care of Omi as he finished him off, tongue flicking and slurping in all the appropriate places with timing that made Omi truly wonder about Ran’s past sex life. He blushed, he shouldn’t think about that right now! He would just enjoy the expertise as he received such a treatment. His voice was gruff as he called out to his lover in between his legs, “Ran… Ran… oh gods… how can this be real… how can anything feel…” Omi’s eyes were lolling as he lost his own train of what was he going on about? “So good… oh gods this is so good!”

Ran smirked, fiddling with Omi in such a way to exploit and enhance each sound and response. It amazed him just how sensitive of a body Omi had, it made him feel even stronger urges to protect the blond.

“…What… do you need… me to do…” Omi panted out, knowing he’d be spent in a few more of those tongue-lashings. Omi’s voice hitched in his throat. “Gh!” He leaned back into the arm of the couch, needing the moments to recover from orgasm.

“Just keep using that sexy voice.” Ran mentioned as he slipped Omi from his mouth, swallowing what had landed there. He brought his two fingers to the tip of his extended tongue, letting what remained of Omi’s fluids as well as his own saliva slip down it. “I’ll be careful, but you’re not really hobbling as of now, so I can’t see you improving after this.” He slipped the first wet finger in, Omi yelped then moaned.

As the finger slid Omi’s hips bucked, rocking and gyrating which only made Ran all the more hard. Finger number two joined it’s comrade, then did the same exercises of forward thrusts before deciding to practice scissor kicks, Omi’s back stiffened, arched, and for a fleeting moment his eyes cast into the ceiling in pain.

Then that scissor-kick landed into the spongy prostate, and Omi hit climax two. He knew his voice was getting hoarse just from say the words, “Ran, Ran I love you, Ran…” about ninety-eight times, so long as his count was accurate.

He slipped a third finger in, moving it about for three or so minutes before he pulled them out, “Omi, wrap your legs around me when I say, alright?”

Omi nodded. Ran leaned down close to Omi so the blond could clutch his arms about Ran’s shoulders, he then thrust in once. Fully seated, he said, “Now, Omi.”

Obediently, Omi wrapped his legs about, only for Ran to maneuver himself into a seated position, Omi’s bum knee contorted to a position that kicked over the arm of the couch before Ran manually manipulated Omi’s body drawing him up and down by his waist with his powerful arms. Hell, he figured if he could make use slicing a sword through a body, using his arms to pump Omi’s lithe body was hardly much more effort, but gods was the pay-off all the sweeter.

He rocked and bucked with Omi, hitting that spot and his own ‘spot’ for a good seven minutes before starting a rapid pace, flesh smacking into each other. As sweat poured from his brow, and Omi’s body, his tongue had to get a taste of Omi’s cheek, his chest, and nipple. Sucking at places in between each of those points, he thrust upward hard a succession of twelve more times before he spilt his load. “I love you, Omitchi. You’re so beautiful.”

Omi’s head slumped forward, onto Ran’s shoulder, his body spent from this form of exercise that was far more strenuous than he had ever thought. The cardio this could do… Omi mused trading this for morning power-walks could be something to seriously consider.

Ran leaned Omi back onto the couch, pulling out. Like a gentleman, he went to get a cloth to wipe Omi down clean with. He’d move Omi to his bedroom before cleaning up, that would be the best method…

…He couldn’t help but think Omi was so sexy right now, he smiled inwardly. Finally, after all that time, he finally had gotten to consummate with his koi, he hoped the next time wouldn’t be so far between.

Omi no Kiken, part 34: Omi wa Koibito.


Omi no Kiken: Part 34 Omi wa Koibito

A/N: If you choose to go to adult fan fiction dot net, you might just so happen to scroll upon part 34 of Omi no Kiken, the long awaited lemon (well, it’s not that great) but, for the record… The HIATUS is over.

Omi no Kiken, Part 35 Warum ist mein blut hier?

The blond was in a particularly glowing state as his dreams took him, though where they chose to take him left him with some serious questions as to whether he was a masochist.

After the best couch-sex Omi could have ever imagined, not as if he imagined those sorts of things, Omi was so spent he couldn’t help but sleep it off. Why, however, his dreams kept reflecting upon some strange amphitheatre with satanic statues and three elderly people, or Aya-chan, he had no idea. He had no clue why he’d have any notion of Sakura, either, but all of this was becoming, quite quickly, nightmarish.

He could hear Schuldig’s nasal voice rasping a snide set of, “Well, gut morgen katzchen! Du gluhst!” Which in his dream actually made sense to him; why Schuldig was saying good morning or that he was glowing… No, why Schuldig was even there was perturbing.

He was sweating, tossing his head in a fit from side to side as he could see and hear things without any real sense to them. He saw a world fold over on itself, he saw someone who could have been Schuldig’s gay(er) cousin with blue-green hair and wearing enough leather to shake a stick at. He felt like he had fallen into an S&M gay-bar, or Yoji’s leather wardrobe in all earnest.

Omi’s eyes shot open, his head pulsing. He reached for the corners and as he wiped the sweat off his face, examining his palms, he saw a trace of crimson making his eyes widened. He touched his lip, no, no over-passionate kisses doing it, below his nose… He had a nose-bleed. He didn’t really think it was from the sexual image of anyone in that horrible of an outfit.

Ran entered the room, looking at him. “Omi… you’re bleeding!”

“Ah, I wonder why.” Omi asked genuinely curious, himself. Ran pressed a cloth to his nose and tilted Omi’s head up, helping him pinch where he was supposed to, to control the bleed.

Concern laced the violet eyes as he observed Omi, “Well, did you want anything to drink or eat?”

Through plugging his nose, Omi’s voice came out congested, “I doughnut think sew. I loaf you.”

“…I… love you too.” Ran smiled, Omi was precious looking.

Omi bent over, head pulsing, his eyes fogged over as he felt a pulse rake over him.

He fell back into the bed, his blank expression startling Ran. “Omi… Omi are you okay?!”

“Essett wolle mir habe für sein neu Welt. Sagt deinen Abscheide jetzt.”

Omi’s eyes shot back to focused blue in time to hear a clamor at the shop’s glass showcase.

“What the hell was that!” Ran asked, and not about the smashed glass.

“I… I don’t know… I heard something downstairs, we should check it out…”

“Like hell, wait here.” Ran handed Omi his handgun. “Keep that with you and shoot anyone who tries to walk through that door without identifying themselves. Understand?”

Omi nodded once.

With that, Ran grabbed his sword and went to investigate.

To be Continued.

*Essett will have me for their new world. Say your farewells now.

And I know, uber short, but hell, it’s something. I’m hoping if I hit the next arc I’ll actually start writing more again, I’m so sorry I’ve lagged! And myes, aff dot net would be the place to look for Part 34 if you are over 18. Also, anyone correct my bastardized Japanese and I expect to see you sign in to every OTHER story with poorly used Japanese too, I don’t like it when people play favorites. As for the German, if that’s crap, I do apologize, I should know better… but it’s been a few years since my last class so it may be a bit rusty but I think my verb-order is correct.


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