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Together Always & Love Forever

Love Always
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_Truely_Yours_ is a community for all those beautifully in love couples out there who want a place where they can share love stories, ask and give advice, and create friendships with people to whom they can relate. Love is an incredible thing and is the focus of our community. In addition to love stories and advice, accepted members of the community can feel free to post anything pertaining to love -- graphics, quotes, lyrics, etc. The main goal of _Truely_Yours_ is to have a place where likeminded people can gather together to have fun!


1.Please post your application as soon as possible after joining the community. Lurking is prohibited.
2.Until you are accepted, you cannot reply to any entries but your own, make new entries aside from your application, participate in any community themes/contests, etc.
3.Do not bring any form of drama into this community.
4.Put your entire application under an LJ-cut with "Truely Yours" as the title and put your names in the subject line of your entry. Your application will not be voted on until these two requirements are met.
5.There is to be no promoting in this community unless you have received permission from a mod.


Your Name:
Your Age:
Significant Other's Name:
Significant Other's Age:
How long have you been together?:
Anniversary date:
Do you have a trusting relationship?:
The Past
How did you meet?:
What was the first thing you noticed about your significant other?:
Where was your first kiss:
Have either of you cheated?:
What is the hardest time you've gone through together?:
What is the most romantic/sweetest thing your significant other has done for you?:
What moment would you like to relive with your significant other?:
Can you picture yourself with this person for the rest of your life?:
Any Questions?

Mod & Co-Mod

Mod- freaky_mommy