Am I Just Complaining?

So my boyfriend has said for hte past 3 nights (In a row might i add) that he promises that he will talk to me until 1AM. And this is a thing we do in the summers because we like to talk to each other. Well, we havent and i love to hear his voice on the phone .it makes me sleepy and it makes me want him beside me sleeping. He has never fell asleep on the phone but he is just dragging his words and giving me "Uh huh..yeah..uh huh.. yeah" type of awnsers. so im just like "I will let you go..." and i say i love u he says it back and hten we hang up.

Does it seem like im jsut complaining? Becuase i really dont mean to be because i jsut love him so muc hand i just wanna have a good conversation with himo n the phone before i go to sleep at night. he doesnt have to do it all the time just sometimes.

Eck. Ok Ex-posted.
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