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What was truely lost in the trade for what One thought was sanity, control, love, power? Not just weight.
All the things that One wishes to gain, there is no sanity, no control, no love, and no power. Its all a false reality and the very thing one thought would save is now destroying. One can say she has even lost herself, her own Identity, her talents, her dreams, everything that made her.

Before I say what this is all about I want you to consider, if you will the word recovery. its not just to recover the lost weight and to be made "normal" whatever that means right? the word recover means this as well as to regain "health". "To get back" to get back what was lost, to find yourself again. To make amends with that person. To recover your talents, your dreams. Its not easy, but no one said it was going to be did they? We all stumble and screw up, but are you going to get back up? If you want to try come hang out here.

This is a safe place for anyone in recovery from an eating disorder, or from teetering on the brink of developing an eating disorder. Or if you have an eating disorder and just want to get away from the chaos for a while, maybe forever, but at least for a little while. Are you looking for a diet.. PLEASE dont go to pro ana communities.. its a trap. You start out wanting to lose a couple pounds and you are stuck in hell for the rest of your life. There are healthy ways to do it if you TRUELY need it. and most of us didnt need it in the first place. Patience ladies.

Rules and whats not okay..
Every post will be read by me and if I find it offensive it will be deleted, this way no one will post anything hurtful, or triggering, without my prior knowledge, its SAFE here!

no thinspiration.... but inspire the people around you to bring out their true talents! you are so important, so much more than any photo of a random stanger. inspire not thinspire.

No competitions.. Ana and mia gurls are competitive, draw a picture, write a poem. you are good at other things besides losing weight ladies.

If you are supporting each other outside of here really think of the other person, encourage that person, dont promote extreme weight loss in someone else.

No numbers, unless absolutely needed. I understand that numbers can be extremely triggering, some of us are obsessed with them. Become a math major, but please no stats. they arent important Numbers do not define your worth! and they wont make your problems go away!

Im sorry that I never keep things short and sweet. Im short and sweet and thats all you are gunna get. what you can do here is encourage each other to find what they are truely good at, to find their dreams again, to make amends with yourselves. I may from time to time assign things to do because I think its fun and a good way to stay on track, and I have to get this community started somehow. Also Lyrics are good if they arent super triggering, if they are normally triggering lyrics but you want to post them because of the impact they have had in your life write a commentary to go with them! We can even start mailing groups for RECOVERY of ourselves support.

I am not a counselor, Im just a person who cares. Im a 20 year old recovering ednos *6 years of trading my true self* Junior in college. I am devoting my life to working with girls with eating disorders, thats what im going to school for, so one day I WILL be a counselor! yay! If you need someone to talk that will support you in your recovery efforts add me to your messanger, email me, *join the community*. Im here for you whenever I can be. My personal journal is sullengirl79

recovery is love
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