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I'll be Ryans Choclate chip cookie with a glass of Ashlees lemonade

=True Lala

A place you can talk about Ryan Cabrera and Ashlee
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Hello and Welcome to my community...

NEW RULE ALL POSTS MUST BE FRIENDS ONLY FROM NOW ON!!! if they are not... I will delete it! If you want to know why ask!!!
1.This community is for Ashlee Simpson and Ryan Cabrera lovers! If you do not like them, DO NOT join!
2. Obvious, Absoulutly NO BASHING or you will be banned!
3.If you promote in this community you MUST promote us back!
4.If you promote it must be behind an LJ cut reading "Promotion"
5.If you take something of someone's you must comment saying EXACTLY what you're taking and credit. (unless the user says not to)
6.Do not, post graphics that you didnt make. Unless the user gives you permission.
7.Respect you're Mods and fellow members
8.Nothing unapropriate!
9.Any off topic posts will be deleted!
10.In the "Get to Know you" Application please put I love Ryan and Ashlee as you're subject, so i know you read the rules and IT MUST BE BEHIND AN LJ-CUT reading "Ryan and Ashlee rock!"
11.You're first post MUST be the get to know you thing!
12.Be nice, Have fun, and follow the rules!!♥

For you're first post, please fill this out! Just so we can get to know you a little
Why you love Ryan:
Why you love Ashlee:
Other Likes:
A promotion banner: (you don't have to, but it would be nice)
2 links where you promoted us:
Picture: (if able)

To Promote this community please use the following:::


Credit to info_icon_grphx for the info headers
Credit for this layout
Credit for the header goes to bpike_xxo